GTPA:The New Global Standard in Expertise-Based Trusted Networks

10.12.2017 Lisa McAuley
GTPA:The New Global Standard in Expertise-Based Trusted Networks

This session will introduce the Global Trade Professionals Alliance, outline the mandate, organisation and aspirations of the GTPA, and link the GTPA trusted network to the professionalization of trade practice.

We will explore the GTPA as a powerful channel for the dissemination of best practices and contributions to economic inclusion and development through trade, as well as charting a path for GTPA as an important complement to the work of international organisations, trade promotion organisations, policy bodies and others working to enable trade around the globe.

The GTPA’s competency-based approach, rooted in a global ISO standard, adds a level of discipline to the development of expertise in all aspects of international trade, and in so doing, uniquely links areas like trade management, supply chain practices, legal, regulatory and compliance skills, together with trade-related financing and international development.






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