How to Manage in a Post-COVID Supply Chain

13.04.2020 Lisa McAuley
How to Manage in a Post-COVID Supply Chain

Join us for the free webinar on Thursday, April 16th at 2:30pm EDT.

Every sector of the economy is struggling to understand how to continue given the impact of the Coronavirus on their business enterprises. Workers are now communicating through remote conferencing services due to shelter-at-home orders, and anxiety levels are rising as the economic future remains uncertain.

In an effort to provide executives and leaders support during this period, the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative is holding a webinar featuring three industry experts who will contribute a number of different viewpoints on how to operate during the Coronavirus, as well as insights on how to plan ahead for the economic uncertainty during the remainder of 2020.

"Ask an Expert" a question you'd like answered when you register, or use the "Chat" feature to submit your questions during the webinar.

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