ICC Academy global trade certificate programmes are now ISO/IEC 17024 certified!

28.09.2020 Lisa McAuley
ICC Academy global trade certificate programmes are now ISO/IEC 17024 certified!

Singapore. 22 September: The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy is delighted to announce its collaboration with Global Trade Programme Alliance (GTPA), to offer businesses and trade professionals with ISO/IEC 17024 certified training programmes. As per the alliance, anyone who takes the ICC Academy’s trade finance, international business and regulation & compliance certificate programmes, will attain the relevant competency standards for ISO/IEC 17024 certification, under GTPA’s Global Trade Professional (GTP) programme.

Speaking on the collaboration, ICC Academy General Manager Daniel Kok said, “In an ever-evolving global trade environment, business leaders and trade professionals need to have better access to cutting-edge training, so as they develop competencies to cope with the ‘new normal’. As the educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), we have been offering a wide range of specialized online training and blended learning to trade professionals worldwide.

“With our alliance with GTPA, the ICC Academy is aiming to build international trade capacity and capability under ISO/IEC 17024. As a GTPA approved education and course provider, our candidates will now be recognized a Global Trade Professional (GTP), the only international standard for the certification of professional competence in the global trade discipline. With GTPA, we will be able to offer a fast track pathway for certification of ongoing training for global trade professionals to maintain their Continuous Professional Development (CPD)” added Mr Kok.

The GTPA has established the only global standard, the first of its kind, for certifying trade professionals. The Global Trade Professional (GTP) program, based on ISO/IEC 17024, is an internationally recognised standard for professionals who achieve a certain competency level in a chosen field. Under the scheme, a new standard has been established for professionals in trade related industries including trade finance, supply chain managers and logistics.

Commenting on the alliance Craig Weeks, Trade and Supply Chain Finance Advisor at the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) said, “Doing business globally and maintaining a competitive edge requires the development of new skills and knowledge. Through the GTP programme, a set of competency requirements has been developed to endorse a person’s qualifications.”

“The next step was building a trade eco-system and having certification bodies as accredited partners, who could empower trade professionals to adopt an effective certification scheme for the on-going development of global trade professionals. Those of us in the trade finance community have always felt the need for consistent standards for professional development. Too many of us had to learn the business “on the fly” and only via experience. This partnership between the GTPA and the ICC Academy brings together two crucial elements of our business; specific training relating to our profession and specific standards for professional acknowledgement and progression based on a rigorous assessment of life experience combined with on-line learning” said Mr Weeks.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with the educational arm of the Internal Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy. Combining the ICC Academy’s world-leading training and the GTPA’s ISO/IEC’s trade certifications, business leaders and trade professionals can now have access to a total solution to the challenges they face in the world of international business” added Mr Weeks.

As a certified Global Trade Professional (GTP) in Trade and Supply Chain Finance, the ICC Academy candidates can benefit from a trusted certification, recognition of trade competencies and eligibility to use the GTP post nominals, access to the global network, an opportunity to build strategic partnerships and access to a range of resources.