OriginBX Alliance Forms at OASIS Open to Define Digital Standards for Global Tax and Trade Compliance

10.06.2021 Lisa McAuley
OriginBX Alliance Forms at OASIS Open to Define Digital Standards for Global Tax and Trade Compliance

Accenture, Amazon, CompTIA, GTPA, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Inveniam, KYG.Trade, Origin Experts, Skuchain, Thomson Reuters, and Others Lead Open Source Movement for Exchanging Attestation Message Sets. OASIS Open announced the formation of OriginBX OASIS, an international movement to advance open source product and trade data standards for facilitating digital tax and trade attestations. The OriginBX OASIS message sets will be interoperable among legacy systems and blockchain platforms.

OriginBX OASIS is led by a global alliance of organizations representing leaders from the ICC as well as technology, ecommerce, and customs brokerage sectors. Representation from the apparel and footwear, retail, automotive, life sciences, energy, and chemical industries is also planned.

OriginBX OASIS is governed and supported by the OASIS Open nonprofit consortium, home of Ethereum OASIS, the Baseline Protocol, SAML, UBL, ebXML, and many other globally recognized standards. Everyone is invited to participate technically in the open source community that will be defining OriginBX OASIS standards.

“With the recent G7 announcement on digital trade standards and more stringent country of origin legislation looming, the timing for OriginBX OASIS couldn’t be better. Digital standards for product attributes will radically simplify the determination, record keeping and verification of trade attestations made to customs authorities,” explained Todd R. Smith of KYG.Trade, chair of the OriginBX OASIS Governing Board. “Providing and obtaining information about a good via email and attachments to determine and support HTS code, country of origin, free trade agreement, forced labor, traceability, sustainability and ESG attestations takes weeks, is archaic, redundant and costly. All parties in the trade compliance, SESG, and enforcement ecosystem will use OriginBX OASIS digital standards to quickly and efficiently obtain information on the raw materials and components of manufactured goods involving complex multi-tier supply chains.”

“OriginBX is building critical solutions to solve challenges in global trade at a time when streamlined exchange of goods is more important than ever,” said Guy Martin, Executive Director of OASIS Open. “The diversity of the stakeholders involved in this effort attests to the value of our Open Projects model which provides neutral and transparent governance that enables strong collaboration. We are extremely pleased to partner with the OriginBX community in this effort.”

Support for OriginBX OASIS


“Streamlining global trade compliance has emerged as a compelling use case for blockchain-enabled transformation. Businesses in different Industries, however, can only tap into this value by first establishing standards by which we all classify and certify goods and services. We are excited to join OriginBX and the other leading companies in this consortium to do just that, to create a foundation on which tomorrow’s multiparty systems can simplify and restructure the way our clients think about this key process.” – Melanie Cutlan, Blockchain and Multi-Party Systems Co-Lead, Accenture


“CompTIA is proud to be a sponsor and founding member of the OriginBX OASIS Open Project. Data standards for tax and trade attestations will significantly contribute to improving global trade facilitation for all industry sectors. We hope to leverage the work of our CompTIA Blockchain Industry Advisory Council to support the project efforts.” – Ken Montgomery, Vice President, International Trade Regulation & Compliance, Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)


“The more sophisticated Global Supply Chains become, and the more ensuring integrity becomes vital to protect the reputation of a brand or prevent the disruption of a Global Supply Chain, the more difficult it becomes for SMEs to comply with the myriad of existing integrity related regulations and processes required to participate in supply chains. As the GTPA looks to collaborate on the development of global standards that enable integrity in Global Supply Chains to which both large and small companies can adhere, we are delighted to support OriginBX from the perspective of collaborating on solutions that will also support trade facilitation digitisation.”– Lisa McAuley, CEO, GTPA

International Chamber of Commerce

“Working with OASIS, the organization that’s home to the Universal Business Language (UBL) standard, on a journey to develop and promote standardised message sets that will practically enable the business community to integrate once, leverage everywhere, will help create a step change in this space.” – Oswald Kuyler, Managing Director DSI, International Chamber of Commerce


“Contributing to a world of transparent and free, frictionless trade is the end goal for the OriginBX consortium. Our ability to credential data builds trust between global trading partners and regulatory agencies and facilitates the efforts of OriginBX to contain the cost of trade and increase the movement of goods around the world, whether in single shipments or container-loads.” -Kerry Rudy, President, Inveniam

Origin Experts Group

“In the real world determining and documenting origin compliance can be complex, challenging and costly. The resulting origin statements and supporting information must be efficiently shared with a variety of origin stakeholders. The Origin Experts Group therefore enthusiastically supports this project, as clear standards will facilitate exchange of the information needed to substantiate origin claims, connecting online claims with offline reality.”-Brian Rankin Staples, Founding Director, Origin Experts Group

Skuchain, Inc.

“Interoperability between different blockchain based global trade networks needs standards. We are pleased to be a founding member of the OriginBX alliance in making this a reality. Being able to benefit from the group’s deep expertise with standards such as ebXML, baseline protocol and Ethereum amongst others would be a great benefit.” -Srinivasan Sriram, Founder & CEO, Skuchain, Inc.

About OriginBX OASIS

OriginBX OASIS supports trade specific digital product data open standards, SDKs, and APIs. In particular, by reducing complexity and the cost of complying with preferential and non-preferential country of origin determinations, OriginBX OASIS seeks to increase the utilization of free trade agreements to achieve desired public policy outcomes. We work closely with global non-profit initiatives and alliances to promote the WTO trade facilitation agreement and the UN’s sustainable development goals. OriginBX OASIS is governed and supported as an OASIS Open Project. OriginBX OASIS Founding Sponsors include Accenture, Amazon, CompTIA, the Global Trade Professionals Association (GTPA), Inveniam, KYG.Trade, Origin Experts, Skuchain, Thomson Reuters, and others.


About OASIS Open

One of the most respected, nonprofit open source and open standards bodies in the world, OASIS advances the fair, transparent development of open source software and standards through the power of global collaboration and community. Many OASIS standards go on to be ratified by de jure bodies and referenced in international policies and government procurement.