Reforming EU Rules of Origin Applied to Trade Agreements with Africa

27.10.2022 Institute for International Trade
Reforming EU Rules of Origin Applied to Trade Agreements with Africa

The Institute for International Trade (IIT), through it's Centre of Excellence in International Trade & Global Affairs, invite you to join us for a presentation on the case for Reforming EU Rules of Origin Applied to Trade Agreements with Africa.  African countries’ post-colonial trading relations with Europe have been regulated by a succession of trading arrangements over time.

Under the earlier Lomé and Cotonou Agreements sub-Saharan African countries could cumulate with each other and export their resulting products to the European Union duty-free. Unfortunately, since the conclusions of EPAs with most developing African countries, and African LDCs having to trade under Everything but Arms, continental-wide cumulation is no longer possible for African producers wanting to export value-added products to the EU. This is in conflict with the Africa-wide market that African countries (including North Africa) are attempting to build under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Accordingly, this webinar’s main objective is to propose reforms to the current multiplicity of rules of origin that characterises the EU’s current trade relationships with different African countries. Mike Humphrey will present the results of recent work exploring the possible creation of a single set of rules of origin that applies across all Africa’s trade agreements with the EU, arguing that this will facilitate (but not guarantee) intra-African trade and the export of value-added African exports to the EU

Date: Thursday, 10 November 2022

Time: 6.00pm to 7.00pm (Adelaide Time ACDT) | 09.30am – 10.30am (Central African Time CAT) | 10.30am – 11.30am – (East African Time EAT)


Mike Humphrey  (Presenter), is an independent Trade Expert with extensive African experience including, managing the EU support program for SADC’s EPA negotiations for 5 years; trade advisor to the Eswatini International Trade Department; advisory roles at SADC, SACU, COMESA and the EAC; designing the EU support program for the AfCFTA Support Unit at the AU Secretariat; providing rules of origin (RoO) training for public sector officials and the private sector in African, South Asian & Pacific countries; and running a training program for officials in Indonesia’s RoO Unit negotiating a FTA with the EU.

Professor Peter Draper (Moderator), Executive Director, Institute for International Trade, the University of Adelaide & Jean Monet Centre of Excellence in International Trade and Global Affairs.

Latifa Said Omar (Discussant), Customs Official.  Latifa is a trainer in RoO at the Kenyan Customs Training School, she is an expert in EAC RoO and has also done work on implementing the AfCFTA RoO for Kenyan Customs.

 Jacquiline Pimer (Discussant), International Trade Lawyer. Jackie has over 12 years’ experience in leading projects on the African integration, investment, non-tariff barriers, trade in services, standards integration and most recently on the AfCFTA.

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