Should I Get Outside Support to Manage My Cybersecurity Risk?

13.04.2021 Cyber Readiness Institute
Should I Get Outside Support to Manage My Cybersecurity Risk?

This is the first guide in a five-part series on using outside firms to reduce your cybersecurity risk.

If you are like most small business owners or managers, you wear many hats. Your focus is usually on the fundamentals of managing and building your business. You know that cybersecurity is an area of growing risk because there’s been more news about it – especially more news about cyber threats and attacks. Cybersecurity is multifaceted. Yes, firewalls and spam filters help, but you also need a well-educated workforce that is aware of the basic elements of cybersecurity. The Cyber Readiness Institute focuses on human behavior and education to create a culture of security within every organization. After all, it just takes one misguided click on a phishing link to potentially bring down your business. If this sounds overwhelming, it is okay to seek out guidance. This five-part series from the Cyber Readiness Institute in consultation with its Small Business Advisory Council will help guide you through the process of determining if you need outside help and if so, how to get it.

Perhaps you used to think that you wouldn’t be a target for hackers, but now it’s clear they are attacking small companies for financial gain, such as by planting ransomware, as wellas using small companies as gateways to attack larger businesses. You know you need to do something, but you’re not sure what you should do or if you need outside help. Remember, you can outsource some of your cybersecurity responsibilities, but you cannot outsource your accountability for cybersecurity. With or without outside help, it will always be your responsibility to create and foster a culture of cyber readiness within your organization.