TPP11 And RCEP Compared: A Side-By-Side Update

26.11.2017 Lisa McAuley
TPP11 And RCEP Compared: A Side-By-Side Update

November 2017: This is an updated version of an earlier post on Talking Trade, modified to reflect the TPP11 changes and the expansion of the agenda in RCEP. However, because RCEP, especially, remains under negotiation, the assessment should be viewed with some caution. For further discussion on how you can use or influence these agreements, please see us soon at the Asian Trade Centre.

This post is also available for download as Policy Brief 17-12. (It looks MUCH better on the Brief.)

For more information on TPP11 and RCEP or how your company can benefit from these Asian trade agreements, please contact us.

***This Talking Trade was written by Dr. Deborah Elms, Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre, Singapore***