eCommerce Tool: Powering MSMEs to grow internationally via online channels

27.06.2019 Lisa McAuley

GTPA announce the development of a new tool to empower MSMEs to engage in online ecommerce.

“Today’s MSME is tomorrow’s Microsoft or Alibaba! Every MSME, irrespective of their location or their industry sector needs to be recognised, valued and fostered so that their true potential to achieve greatness can be realised.”- Collins Rex, Asia/Africa Director- GTPA

Exporting online presents exciting opportunities for businesses thinking of expanding into new markets. Online sales are the world’s fasting growing retail channel, globally valued at USD 16.2 trillion.

Many companies looking to enter the online export world have never exported before, and they need to be equipped with the right knowledge and an understanding of the risks to ensure that they are ready to take on the challenge of exporting online.

Success in online exporting, as in all business, relies on careful planning, risk mitigation and dedication. To harness the opportunities, MSMEs need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed business decisions.

“To celebrate MSME Day 2019 the GTPA is pleased to formally announce the development of a new tool to empower MSMEs to grow overseas using online sales channels. The development of this tool will be used to enable MSMEs to grow via eCommerce and online sales channels as well as build MSME capabilities to improve performance and success via eCommerce”- Lisa McAuley, CEO of GTPA

Selling online differs from traditional paths to market in a number of ways, each of which may present new challenges for new-to-online manufacturers or retailers. However online channels give MSMEs access to a world of new customers without many of the challenges, risks and expenses of establishing a physical presence in a new market. It can also allow a MSME to scale their global market penetration to match their capacity to supply much easier than traditional channels to market.

In Particular, the United States and Asia are home to a number of established online marketplaces that businesses can leverage to access these massive consumer markets. In addition, there are also tools available to businesses who opt for more proprietary solutions to reach new consumers in overseas markets.

“Today is the day to formally celebrate all micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) who provide the backbone to many global value chains. Through their ultimate competitive weapons of innovation, agility and their people MSMEs have the flexibility and spirit to achieve great things in short timeframes hence their attractiveness to the value chains of larger global corporations. MSMEs should never underestimate their ability to make a difference in the global marketplace especially as the digital economy opens the global markets for innovative competition. Most global multinationals once started as a MSME.”- Tristram Travers, Technical Director- GTPA

At GTPA, our vision is to support and facilitate the success of MSMEs around the world, particularly women-owned businesses, by helping them expand into new markets. The eCommerce Tool will enable MSMEs to grow via eCommerce and online sales channels by building their capabilities to succeed and compete in global markets.

Click here to find out more about the eCommerce Go Global tool.

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