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Festival of Inclusive Trade

The Festival of Inclusive Trade is an initiative of the Global Trade Professionals Alliance.


The Festival of Inclusive Trade features over 80 world-class events, from thought-provoking panel discussions, keynote presentations, fire-side chats and business case studies, to a curated selection of creative works from around the world.  Events are focused on:  women, youth, indigenous people and diaspora communities.  All events are online, and all FREE to attend.

SCROLL DOWN and click on any of the events below to find out more about the event, and to register for an engaging online experience.  New events are still being added - so check back regularly! 

Oh, and because events involve 30 different countries (albeit virtually), remember to use our handy time convertor to see when a live event is presented in your time zone.

Unable to attend a live event?  Check the "ON DEMAND EVENTS" page.  Once the live event is done, a recording of the session will soon be available.  And hile you're there, check out the other great ON-DEMAND events too!

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Upcoming Events

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​A female ad maker making waves in Bangladesh

| On demand - Coming soon! This case study focuses on Runout Films, a Bangladesh broadcasting and media production company
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​A unique Arctic perspective on the experience of Indigenous women in the business world

26-Oct-2020 | 10am Ottawa time This session presents a unique Arctic perspective on the experience of Indigenous women in the business world and the need for greater global engagement on these matters.
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​Ancient traditions, contemporary fashion

29-Oct-2020 | 1.30pm Perth time A fireside chat with the founder of Australian brand, Kirrikin Resort Wear
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​Building a woman-led global technology business

| On demand - Coming soon! This is the story of a woman's quest to build a technology business that would make a positive difference in the world.
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​Circular fashion and its role in inclusive trade

27-Oct-2020 | 11 AM Bangladesh time Circular fashion looks to disrupt the linear trajectory of the garment industry, keeping clothing and materials in use through recycling, re-purposing and re-wearing.
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​Cognitive computing: using tech as a tool to address mental health issues

29-Oct-2020 | 10am Melbourne time ​In this session, Raji will speak about how her company, TerraBlue XT, uses cognitive computing to provide powerful insights about mental health states of humans.
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​Engaging diaspora communities to boost international trade

30-Oct-2020 | 11.15am Paris time Diaspora communities can play an integral role in helping companies open the door to new markets and opportunities around the world.
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​Explaining trade to a non-trade audience

27-Oct-2020 | 10am Geneva time This practical training session will share tips and best practices on how to communicate complex trade issues engagingly and accessibly to a non-trade audience.
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​Good menstrual health and its role in fostering gender equality in education

28-Oct-2020 | 5pm Samoa time Young women who cannot afford feminine hygiene products can miss a week of school a month because they cannot attend when menstruating.
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​Indigenous futures hinge on success in exports, investment and trade

30-Oct-2020 | 10am Brisbane time This session examines the importance of Indigenous peoples' success in exports and trade, with reference to trade negotiations.
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​Jozi the Beautiful - photo essay

| On demand - Coming soon! Johannesburg is an unequivocally African city. See her in all her glory!
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​Liyana - a remarkable documentary film

28-Oct-2020 | On demand for 72 hours! Click "BOOK" button & use password FESTIVAL001 ​Five children in Swaziland dive into their imaginations to create an original African tale about a girl on a dangerous quest.
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​Mentoring and its role in building strong women-led businesses

27-Oct-2020 | 10am Geneva time This panel discusses meaningful mentoring as a significant tool in empowering women to start and grow successful businesses.
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​Practical skills for indigenous business success

28-Oct-2020 | 1pm Vancouver time Indigenous peoples face numerous and unique challenges to achieving success in international business. This session will discuss the practical skills necessary.
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​Supporting global growth for women-led businesses

| On demand - Coming soon! ​Lauren Broten, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc discusses her organisation's support of women-led businesses.
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​The future is here, but are we ready?

26-Oct-2020 | 9am London time Vast amounts of data, cloud computing and algorithms have combined with effects of the pandemic to mean we are entering a period of technological hyper-acceleration.
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​The importance of supporting the arts in times of crisis

27-Oct-2020 | 10am Melbourne time An Australian winery shares their story of COVID-19 innovation and supporting the arts in times of crisis.
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​The importance of youth inclusion in the AfCFTA

30-Oct-2020 | 9am Nairobi time The future of the African continent is in the hands of its very young population. This session will examine the importance of including future leaders in the continent's most im...
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​Traditional textiles, designs & crafting methods in contemporary fashion

28-Oct-2020 | 11am Bangladesh time A panel of designers and manufacturers from around the globe will discuss the use of traditional textiles, prints, and crafting methods in contemporary fashion.
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​Women business owners need to challenge themselves to maximise opportunities

26-Oct-2020 | 3.30pm Karachi time Tehmina Chaudry is a firebrand! Not content with running a successful food manufacturing business of her own, she runs a network that actively supports women through mentoring, ...
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​Women business owners need to take control and not fear asking for help!

29-Oct-2020 | 9am Johannesburg time Women are notoriously bad at asking for help, believing that it somehow weakens them in the eyes of their peers. This is not the case!
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